1. Flow by Daniel Goldstein
Created to resemble a local river, this unique sculpture brings tranquility to the Kaiser Medical Center.  8 hours ago
  2. Check out the latest issue of our magazine, Suspended in Space, to see the best of the best floating projects. 14 hours ago
  3. 'SKY' by Mid-Ocean Studio
Giving the illusion of a spinning motion, this tubular ring is stuffed with LED lights and flight-related objects to create massive eye candy for Dallas travelers. 1 day ago
  4. "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us" — Winston Churchill 1 day ago
  5. Shard Towers by Stanton Hunter
These carefully constructed towers, made of clay and glass shards, bring a new dimension to the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California.  2 days ago
  6. Cloud 9 and Sunset Mirage by Domsky Glass
This peaceful, glass project creates a moment of beauty and tranquility for busy travelers at the McCarren International Airport.  2 days ago
  7. See what artist and architect John Portman has to say about balancing his many talents and interests.  3 days ago
  8. Lumen Light Team by Brad Oldham
This 2014 CODAawards entry features carefully sculpted figurines made of stainless steel to reflect the lights that change throughout the day and give character to a Texas hotel.  3 days ago
  9. Delancey Chandelier by George Scott
If you enjoy colorful, unique, and dynamic chandeliers, you’ll fall in love with this project designed for a residence in Chicago.  4 days ago
  10. Globussphäre by Gordon Huether
See this talented collection, which includes this project, that aims to create large-scale, permanent art installations in spaces of all kinds.   4 days ago
  11. Get in the spirit of Easter by seeing how New York City puts a unique twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt.  5 days ago
  12. Movigami by Anna Kubelik
This kinetic concert installation in Berlin enhances acoustics during performances and was built by accoutants, actors, musicians, and agents in a true collaborative experience.  5 days ago